Tile & Grout Clearsealing

Seal Your Tile and Grout Again New Looking

What is Clearrseal?

Clearseal for grout is a long lasting and extremely strong coating, particularly planned to re-colour, renew and seal existing grout. Perfect for altering grout look or colour to suit new decoration, or to completely replace your dirty old grout back to its innovative attractiveness. Gives highest stain cover against mainly contaminants, and dries to an expected finish. Once built relation, GroutSolutions Clearseal will also abridge routine cleaning and maintenance of your tile & grout.

Why clearseal my grout?

In some situation, your existing grout can be dirty to the position it will not clean well and sufficient to be satisfied no subject how durable you brush! Grout can also discolour if came to extreme foot traveler or sunlight creating it unworkable to remove these colour variants in your grout.


Can you modify the seal of my existing grout ?

Yes. Your existing grout can be modified to a light or deep shade of your existing grout or a totally colour to match your shifting decoration. GroutSolutions has various colours for you to select from, making sure an appropriate match every time.

Can you tell if the grout has been clearsealed?

The clearseal procedure will formulate your grout look brand new once more, removing any colour variants and will dry to a likely & proficient finish assured. Our GroutSolutions experts can also act upon an in-house exhibition so that you can be totally pleased with your seal choice and finish before starting the job.


What type of grout can you Clearseal?

Groutsolutions Clearseal may be functioned on ‘Sanded’ or ‘Un-Sanded’ Grout lines.


What does Clearseal protect against?  

GroutSolutios Clearseal resists water-based and oil-based falls avoids dirt comes from mainly food and beverages; and defends the surface from dust and pollution. It also holds causes to diminish yeast and bacteria.


How long does GroutSolutions Clearseal Protection last?

If the tile and grout are preserved accurately, the seal will remain up to 15 years. Your GroutSolutions experts will deliver you with cleaning and maintenance directions, and suggest which cleaners are finest used on your clearsealed grout.


What does a clearseal floor look like?

The grout will look new one again. Call us today. We will display you a model of a tile floor that has been clearsealed and you will see how fantastic and repairs free a clearsealed tile floor can be yours.


My grout is faded and tainted. Do I need to re-grout to craft my grout look new?

Our clearseal procedure can be used over your existing grout as long as it is technically well. If your grout has been tainted and faded, it’s not essential to re-grout to obtain that new look once more. For a division of the cost of re-grouting, we can apply clearseal.

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